What is the difference between members and fulfillment partners

Our Members have access to all of Collective Pallet's benefits making order fulfillment affordable and easy. As a Partner, Collective Pallet fulfills your orders for you.

How do I pick from my inventory

When a Member arrives to fulfill orders, they are given access to their picking shelves by a Collective Pallet team member.

Can my staff fulfill orders at your facility?

Absolutely, as a Member you or a member of your staff can fulfill orders.

Do you offer freight shipping?

Yes, as a Partner, we will prepare your shipment, acquire quotes, and schedule the pickup. As a Member, our staff is available to assist you as much as you would like, as well as provide the pallets and stretch wrap.

How are warehouse rates determined?

We calculate storage in cubic feet used per month. Both Partners and Member fee schedules are according to the number of shipments shipped out per month.

How do I start a Membership

Contact us at info@collectivepallet.com. We will provide you with an assessment form to complete which helps us determine your needs.