Collective Pallet solves problems.

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Welcome to Collective Pallet

Are your order volumes getting too high to keep up from home or office? 

What are your options? Expand by investing in fulfillment infrastructure, including warehouse, labor, equipment, and more? Outsource to a 3PL?

 Sometimes that jump is just too big. Now there's a better option, 

Collective Pallet. Leave the warehouse infrastructure to us. 

You pick, pack, and ship, we'll take care of the rest. 

Our unique co-warehousing solution grows with your business


Co-Warehousing Memberships

Gone are the days of leasing or purchasing a warehouse to handle your inventory. Collective Pallet has created an affordable, innovative co-warehousing solution for product-based companies in Central Oregon. We help our members collectively access volume shipping discounts, receive, store, and ship their merchandise without the expense and stress of operating a warehouse.


Leave the Fulfillment to us

If you prefer, our fulfillment option is a convenient choice if you don't want to deal with shipping or if you've grown beyond your existing capabilities. 

Let us take care of all your warehousing and shipping needs. 

We will process your orders as sales come in and ensure that 

customers get their products on time.

Entrepreneurs in a co-working shared office space

Home office isolation got you down?


Hang your hat here. Interact with like-minded entrepreneurs in a welcoming, open work environment. The cold brew coffee is not bad either. 

Woman receiving packages from a delivery person

Need something else?

Speak up, maybe we can fill your need. 

Local delivery or pick up? Photoshoot space? Co-packing? Just ask. 

We are evolving to fit the needs of our members and partners.