Let us take care of all your warehousing and shipping needs. We will process your orders as they come in and ensure that customers get their products on time. Our fulfillment service is an excellent option if you've grown beyond your existing capabilities.  

Benefits of Fulfillment

Free up the time taken up by product fulfillment and focus instead on growing your business.

If you no longer have the bandwidth or space to fulfill orders yourself, working with Collective Pallet can help with time-consuming tasks.

Our pick and packing order fulfillment service has the flexibility and capability to quickly adapt to your high peak seasons and increased demands.



Is the process of preparing your inventory to be sent to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers. preparing your inventory to comply with the FBA standards is a specialized process, full of intricate rules and easy to get wrong. Amazon’s rules for FBA means that preparing your inventory can be a frustrating time consuming task.